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Aerial filming, and why you should be doing it

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You’ve got a video planned.

You have a great production team on board, with a fantastic DP and top quality camera equipment. But there’s something missing.

You can’t quite put your finger on it. The DP’s doing a great job of getting stunning footage from all angles- except one.

Taking to the skies lets you film rarely seen shots, giving an entirely different perspective to your film and vastly increasing the production value.

Aerial filming excels in industries that want to showcase a lot of land at the same time. Property and construction companies spring to mind, but it can be used to massively enhance any video in any industry.

There’s something about a big, sweeping landscape shot or a dramatic, slow vertical zoom out that adds a huge wow factor.

Strap a camera operator into a helicopter and you can have a long period of flying and filming. Great for filming races, extreme sports, or in remote, difficult-to-access places.

But the advances in drone technology in recent years has seen it really take off (excuse the pun) as a viable way of capturing incredible footage. Drones are more affordable and quicker to set up, plus their small size means they can access areas a helicopter pilot can only dream of.

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