Optimised for watching videos on the go.

The world of video is changing rapidly. Today, over 50% of video views are from a mobile device. So it makes sense to create content that works great on mobile, right?

We help brands create videos designed specifically for mobile, resulting in vertical or square videos. You’ll be getting on the side of the audience by not forcing them to rotate the screen. We can even optimise the sound for mobile speakers too.

We’ll take care of the whole process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Many of our clients decide to create a suite of video variants from one project, so one video will have a version that works on YouTube, a version that works on Facebook, and of course a version that works for mobile. Or we can create something exclusively for mobile – it’s up to you.

Vertical videos are brilliant for animation and motion graphics, but they work great for filmed content too – especially when you plan it from the beginning of the process, although that isn’t always necessary. The format is also great for live streaming. The main thing is that audiences are receptive as it is extremely user-friendly. Perfect for reaching audiences on their commute each day.

Examples of mobile optimised videos

Square videos

Vertical videos

Social Showreel

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