Filming in a controlled environment.

Although we shoot all over the world, in all kinds of locations, we cannot control the environments. That’s when studio shoots come in handy.

We can control every aspect of studio shoots.

It could be a green screen shoot or a news studio with robotic cameras. Or how about a studio set up to look like a kitchen?

Nemorin Film & Video will find the perfect solution based on your requirements.

Studio Shoots

Studios are available for a whole range of projects and ideal for when you need absolute control over your environment. No members of the public, completely customisable lighting set-ups, sound-proof rooms, green screen – everything you need to create the perfect piece of video content.

Includes studios such as film studios, infinity curve studios, photographic studios, green screen studios, dance or arts studios, music and recording studios, events spaces and much more.

Examples of studio shoots

2022 Showreel


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