Customisable videos, straight out of the box.

We live and breathe video, and we have a wealth of resources at hand to create fantastic content. But we know that bespoke video content isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes for a pitch, a small business or a personal project, all that’s needed is to get the information across fast and professionally. In that case our pre-designed template videos will do the trick. The templates are ready to go straight away. All you need to do is supply the text and the logos and we’ll do the rest. In 24 hours we’ll have a short video perfect to insert into a brand deck or play in a presentation.

The best part? It’s not made by a machine. Each video is hand-crafted by an in-house Nemorin designer. This means if at any time during the process you want to see how things are going, you can call up and speak directly to the person building your video.

This also means that durations aren’t fixed, so if you want something a little different we can customise elements such as adding and removing sections. If you supply your existing brand documentation and guidelines we’ll make sure everything matches, too.

Get started in minutes.

Examples of pre-designed videos

2018 Showreel

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