Video content for before, during, and after.

Events are a huge part of the marketing strategies of brands of all sizes around the world. To get the most out of events, video content goes hand in hand when it comes to teasing it, helping it run successfully, and prepping for the next one.

We create a wide variety of content specifically for events. It could be a teaser to get potential delegates interested before the event. It could be a camera crew capturing the event as it happens including mingling, networking, speakers, awards ceremonies, and then cutting it together into a highlights reel after the event.

We can even create video content specifically for the event – maybe an animated loop that is displayed on screens throughout the event, or a bespoke film specifically for a presentation.

Event video productions could also incorporate motion graphics and live streaming on the day. Whatever you need to market the event, we can help.

Examples of events videos

2018 Showreel


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