Take your video content to another level.

Looking for the wow factor? Aerial filming always delivers. Take to the skies to capture incredible footage you could only dream of with a regular camera crew.

We shoot with a wide range of rigs including drones and helicopters, and most types of camera such as 4K, DSLR, Alexa, RED or GoPro. It all just depends on what you want to achieve, the type of content you want to film, budget and weather conditions.

As well as being an impressive part of a main film, aerial sequences make great standalone content so you can really maximise your investment in the shoot.

Drones can fly lower than a full-size rig, but helicopters can fly faster, further, for longer, and in poor weather conditions. If you’re not sure what would be good for your project then just give us a call and we’d be happy to advise.

Don’t worry about the specifics. We handle all the logistics of aerial filming, including sourcing the kit and the crew, the paperwork, the licensing – so you can sit back and get on with what’s important.

An aerial shoot

Aerial Showreel


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