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Create Film & Video Ltd inks deal with Octopus TV for cloud services

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Create Film & Video has entered into a long term strategic alliance with Octopus TV, a leading end-to-end cloud based video content management and digital delivery platform.

Pete Fergusson, owner of Create Film & Video Ltd: “I worked with Andrew Eborn and Octopus TV in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games during my previous role at The Telegraph Media Group and was impressed with the power of the Octopus TV platform and intuitive ease of use. Through Octopus TV our clients will have the benefit of a robust proven solution and a streamlined and cost-effective platform for storing, screening, converting and digital delivery of their content around the world. Octopus TV’s technology will help save costs and provide increased efficiencies.”

Andrew Eborn, President of Octopus TV: “I very much look forward to building on the relationship started at The Telegraph Media Group and to a long and successful relationship with Create Film & Video. As a result of this exciting alliance brands, agencies, publishers and SMEs will benefit from our combined rich experience in global video production and cloud content management and delivery.”

Editor’s Notes:

Create Film & Video Ltd:

Create Film & Video is a worldwide supplier of high quality video production services for publishers, brands, agencies and SMEs.

Create Film & Video was founded by Pete Fergusson, who previously ran the in-house Commercial Video team at The Telegraph Media Group in London.

We work with filmmakers across the globe to create bespoke video content.

Whatever you need, wherever you are, we can help: UK, Europe & Russia, US & Canada, South Africa, Asia, MENA, Australia and beyond.

Octopus TV Ltd:

Octopus TV Ltd is a cloud-based video content management and Delivery platform, which enables the storage, management and global delivery of video to any digital device with unparalleled security, quality, functionality and great user experience. Octopus TV is revolutionising the way content is stored, managed and delivered around the world.

Companies of any size from the largest broadcasters and distributors to individual producers and independent distributors can now enjoy the benefits of a robust, proven solution saving significant time and money in the management and delivery of their files.

Octopus TV provides five major functions:

Digital File Delivery

Digital Archive

Online encoding / transcoding / conversion

Live streaming

Video on Demand / vod

The Octopus TV platform provides significant advantages over other systems

*Cloud based

* No need for extra hardware or software

* Cross browser , cross platform

*Allows delivery of files globally

* any file can be ingested

* no limit on size

* no limit on time

* customer has complete control

*Unlimited numbers of administrators and users

*Online previews with or without downloads

*Ability to add comments for approvals

*Multiple file delivery

*Statistical reporting / clear audit trail

*Accelerated upload/download significantly faster than ftp

*Ability to embed videos directly into websites

*Greater security – permission based

*Online library of digital assets accessible anywhere in the world

*Ability to Geo-Block


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