Why publishers should create branded video content

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Video content is sweeping the digital world. We all know this by now. But what’s interesting is who exactly is turning to the production of that video content.

Creative agencies and advertising agencies have been producing videos since forever, but publishers have turned their attention to it in recent years.

It makes a lot of sense. Publishers – think organisations like The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Telegraph – have large, existing, regular audiences which are very attractive for brands whose audiences have a crossover of interests.

By producing content that is paid for by the brand, the publisher is able to expand their revenue streams while at the same time delivering high-quality relevant content to their audiences. As long as the publisher is transparent that content has been paid for by a brand, audiences will be forgiving and the publisher retains its trustworthiness.

This does beg the question of how much a publisher needs to invest to make this successful. Videos can be complex and expensive, and keeping on top of video staff, software, equipment, and the runnings of a production is not an attractive prospect to someone who also has to run a publisher.

It doesn’t have to be the case. By teaming up with a production company partner, a publisher can pass those overheads and considerations on to them. No need to worry about kit, staff, or any of that running around. The publisher even has access to the expertise of an entire production company rather than a couple of full-time video producers.

In today’s world of adblockers and intrusive content, audiences are on the hunt for good quality, reliable content. Publishers are in the enviable position of delivering that directly to them.


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