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2018 has really flown by hasn’t it? So sit back, take a breath, and look back at some of the best videos of 2018 (so far), all handpicked by our friends at

We’ve seen incredible fashion videos, amazing boundary-pushing animation and a resurgence in music videos as a true art-form, as well as brands and publishers using video to its full potential when it comes to hilarious viral marketing campaigns.

Here (in no particular order) are 10 of our best videos from 2018 so far:

Apple HomePod – Welcome Home

Academy Award-winning director Spike Jonze is no stranger to creating visually stunning feature films, genre-defining branded content or cult-classic music videos – his Welcome Home advert for Apple’s HomePod smart-speaker device is all these elements rolled into one eye-popping package. Starring a downtrodden FKA Twigs looking for some music to enjoy after a long day, the advert bursts into a vibrant dance sequence set to Anderson .Paak’s ‘Til It’s Over. With no CGI involved, the custom-built set of her apartment is pulled out and distorted to bend the structure of the rooms themselves, all in time with her dance moves and revealing bursts of colour with every step.

Hypnotic, stylish and with a huge sense of fun and innovation, the Welcome Home advert is one of the most truly  jaw-dropping advertisements to come out in 2018 so far.

Why we can’t save her life

Deservedly taking home the Cannes Lions Film Craft Grand Prix award, the truly devastating Why we can’t save her life from the International Committee of the Red Cross will stay with you long after you finish watching. Instantly dropping the viewer into the harrowing scene of a father trying to get his gravely-wounded daughter to a hospital, we are given little in the way of information or context. None is needed, as the superbly-acted relationship between the two is all that is necessary to build up the emotion for the final reveal. The video is part of a global campaign by the ICRC focusing on the disastrous effects of attacks on medical facilities and healthcare workers in active war-zones, with the accompanying tagline “Healthcare is #NotATarget.”

With stunning performances and a devastating end reveal that will keep you up at night for weeks, the ICRC’s campaign video is one of the most powerful and important pieces of video content to have been shared this year.

LYNX New Zealand – It’s all about the confidence

With a brand that has a reputation for creating daring but hilarious content, LYNX have a long history of video adverts that can make you chuckle whilst toeing the line of what’s acceptable… The promotional content for their LYNX Australia and New Zealand range of deodorants featured Hollywood star and New Zealand national treasure Julian Dennison as the upbeat Humphrey, constantly trying to woo the object of his affections, Rachel Peckham. This second instalment in the saga features Humphrey versus an actual Australian in an intense game of handball, and features a joke about Australian ball-tampering that would be way too on the nose for any brand other than LYNX to get away with, but they somehow got away with it.

Proving that an audience will happily watch long-form advertisements if the content is genuinely funny and engaging, LYNX’s Humphrey series is one of the best comedys to come out this year.

FIFA World Cup 2018 launch trailer – BBC Sport

2018’s FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer treated us to a slew of incredible adverts, promotional content and related videos, as brands and publishers attempt to ride the wave of hype that the biggest sporting competition in the world always carries with it. By far and away the most impressive video to come out of the competition was the BBC’s Tapestry launch trailer – digitally animated then physically embroidered out into 600 frames, the video is a goosebump-inducing celebration of iconic World Cup moments that takes its eye-catching visual style from Soviet posters and propaganda.

Taking 6 months to create in total, the BBC’s FIFA World Cup launch trailer continued the broadcaster’s reputation for creating stunning promotional content around major sporting events.

Childish Gambino – This Is America

Donald Glover’s musical alter-ego Childish Gambino pretty much broke the internet back in May when he out of nowhere dropped the single and accompanying video for This Is America. The video sees Glover dancing his way through a warehouse full of chaotic scenes, pausing only to execute a man with a bag over his head and mow down a church choir with an automatic weapon – a reference to the 2015 Charleston church shooting. The viral-dance moves that Glover and his accompanying school children dancers perform are supposed to distract from the wild goings on in the background (a comment on the entertainment and music industry in 2018), and the video is littered with further references to gun-violence, police brutality, the effects of social media and so much more.

With nearly 400 million views and counting, This Is America will no doubt be seen as one of the most defining video moments of 2018 through its visceral imagery and intelligent commentary on controversial issues.

iMac Pro – Buck Artist Film – Apple

One aspect of Apple’s extensive rollout of the new iMac Pro was a bonanza for any video fans – Apple invited a group of renowned filmmakers, CG artists, and motion graphics designers to create work using the new iMac that would push it to its very limits, proving its use to those within the industry as a valuable tool for any discipline. While the six films created for the campaign are all stunning in their own right, the 40-seconds of animation provided by renowned studio Buck is one of the most visually-dazzling pieces of content released this year. Combining different animation styles with fast-paced transitions, incredible material effects and a huge sense of fun, the video is a whirlwind of colour that demands repeat viewings.

A jaw-dropping collaboration between one of the biggest brands on the planet and one of the most fiercely creative production companies in the industry right now, the Buck iMac Pro film pushes both technology and filmmaking to its limits.

You know what you don’t see enough of these days? Puppets. That’s exactly why this whimsical short film about an avocado trying to find its other half has made our best of the year so far list. The Pits is an example of a brilliantly simple concept done right, as we follow the stupidly-cute avocado through the streets of New York City, trying to find something to fill the (literal) hole in its life. Not just one for the kids, the film was toured extensively at festivals and even featured in the New York Times.

Taking a simple idea and running wild with it, The Pits is an example of old-school creative filmmaking that will make you want to consider trying puppets out in your next project – fruit based or not.

Project Revoice

As one of the co-founders of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Patt Quinn worked to give people suffering from ALS a chance to fight back. This incredible video from the ALS Foundation tells the story of how now, three years on, the disease has robbed him of his ability to speak. Quinn is fighting back, however, with the help of Project Revoice, a non-profit initiative that can give people suffering from ALS or MND a chance to synthesise their voice into a digital clone. Quinn’s fight is far from over, but this small step is a big leap forward when it comes to winning the war against such a devastating disease.

Using cutting-edge technology to combat one of the worst aspects of ALS, the Project Revoice video is an uplifting demonstration of the determination individuals like Pat Quinn have when it comes to defeating this terrible disease.

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever ft. Moby

New York rapper A$AP Rocky’s video for A$AP Forever continues the recent renaissance in music videos as an art-form, combining three distinct sections to create a sometimes disorienting, but always entertaining visual spectacle. Featuring a heavily-sampled section of Moby’s Porcelain, the video begins with a constantly rotating camera-rig, zips into a dizzying section of footage composited together to create a constantly moving tour through New York City, then finishes on a dream-like sequence which sees Rocky falling through space while the sample plays out in full.

Perfectly blending the new generation of artists with the more old school, A$AP Forever is a celebration of hip-hop’s long-time collaboration with filmmakers to create eye-popping videos that stand the test of time.

Tinder – Invention of Together

Far from just a being a dating app, when you actually think about it Tinder has revolutionised the very concept of socialising in the modern world. It is this idea of breaking down rules and boundaries that is played upon in the fantastically-made Invention of Together. Gorgeously animated and with its tongue firmly in cheek (best bum of the year 2018 goes to…), the advert actually touches on some very prickly issues to do with gender, sexuality and religion, while promoting the company as much more than just a hook-up app – it’s changing the world once interaction at a time…

Colourful, funny, heartwarming and stylised, Invention of Together is a downright lovely celebration of the way technology is actually enriching the way we meet people in the modern world.

So there you have it, 10 of the best videos 2018 has gifted us with so far – and we’re sure there’ll be more amazing videos to come!

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