Branded entertainment: paying to watch ads?

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We talked recently about the feature-length documentary funded in part by Nike, which looks set to be a bold and original form of branded content.

Adweek then drew our attention to a feature-length Finnish film, The Unknown Soldier, which is another exciting branded content benchmark.

Writer Doug Zanger says: “The filmmakers worked with Helsinki-based Hasan & Partners to develop a new way to work with brands, which helped augment additional, more traditional funding and grants. Where this was most useful was both in the creation of the film and its marketing, with well-known Finnish brands doing most of the heavy lifting. Instead of producers or studios footing the full bill, it was the brands that helped market the movie throughout the filmmaking process.”

Brand partnerships and integration with content open up huge opportunities for branded video content beyond the traditional.

Now with the release of feature-length film Uncle Drew, a culmination of their hugely popular branded content campaign, we’re faced with the reality that audiences are paying to watch advertising.

And why not? The original video, featuring basketball all-star Kyrie Irving posing as an old man to surprise players on a neighbourhood court, was a branded content smash hit with 52 million views on the first film alone. The Pepsi Max branding was incidental – people loved the concept, the character, and the execution.

The Lego Movie and its upcoming sequel is another example of just how successful branded entertainment can be. Focus on the story and the execution and the audience will happily watch your content, regardless of logos.

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