Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 and the future of branded content

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Have you seen the trailer for Unbanned: The Legend of A1? It’s a fascinating take on the story of Nike’s famous Air Jordans.

The documentary is produced by creative agency Los York, clients of whom just happen to be Nike.

But is it a feature-length commercial for Nike and their iconic brand? Well, not really. Not in the traditional sense that we’ve seen before.

This fascinating piece from Adweek states:

“”The brand had nothing to do with the film,” Deboree’s publicist stressed in an email. (By “nothing,” he means nothing proprietary; Nike did introduce Deboree to some notable personalities who appear.) The first clue that it isn’t sponsored content is the candid talk about race. And while both the Air Jordan sneaker and Nike corporate come off looking pretty good in these 90 minutes, the story is of the sort that could only be told well without a brand’s marketing department holding the clapperboard.”

The adaptive nature of branded content means that the relationship between the agency and the brand is not set in stone. This particular branded documentary looks set to be a successful collaboration between filmmakers and the brand, and brands could take valuable lessons from this.

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