Nemorin and Next Gen Production

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We were thrilled to be included in the DPP‘s Next Gen Production report recently, with Nemorin listed alongside some juggernaut names as a media company using technology to assist production in innovative ways.

The DPP – Digital Production Partnership – is a membership body that conducted extensive research with a range of production companies, ultimately showcasing Nemorin as an example of innovative production methods.

The report listed Nemorin alongside nine other companies including Disney, Hogarth, COPA090 and The FA.

Main takeaways from Nemorin’s case study include how we use online collaboration tools to optimise ideas and planning process, and how cloud-led innovation in the early stages of production have allowed us to be effective and managing numerous complex projects simultaneously.

The report goes into detail on how we use our tools and systems to across every aspect of production. It explains:

“The company’s communication-centred culture is enabling them to develop and keep their staff talent, and also to develop long term, trusting relationships with their clients…their use of cloud-based, commodity tools gives them a low cost infrastructure which also enables them to operate more quickly and effectively. These same commodity tools enable a degree of collaboration and communication which ensures a consistency of work. As the company develops its Nemorin+ proposition, this quality assurance will extend to the effectiveness of its creative output in delivering measurable return on investment from each campaign or project.”

Founder Pete Fergusson recently attended an event revealing the report, giving him the chance to speak directly to media production professionals and answer questions on how Nemorin is embracing innovative cloud-based technology.

DPP members can read the full report here:

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