IGTV launches long-form video content for Instagram

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Instagram has announced the release of a dedicated long-form video app, IGTV.

Instagram has traditionally been a place for images, but the introduction of one-minute videos and short Instagram stories made it a buzzing destination for social video content.

Now it looks like they’re going nose-to-nose with YouTube by launching a platform specifically for vertical videos up to an hour in length. Why is vertical video important? With so many people consuming video on mobile devices it’s the natural direction to move in. Vertical video is more comfortable to watch on the go and subsequently more engaging.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said, “It’s time for video to move on, and evolve.” We couldn’t agree more.

As much as audiences have embraced the quick run-times of social video, it’s refreshing to see social media platforms embrace the demand for longer, more in-depth video content too.

A Facebook-owned company, this move by Instagram mirrors the investment Facebook is putting into original content with Facebook Watch.

With over a billion users, Instagram must be doing something right. It’s unclear yet how IGTV will affect brands. The platform is kicking off without ads, but no doubt monetisation will be high on Instagram’s list of priorities. Branded videos? Influencer marketing? It’s a huge opportunity.

It’s also a sign of what audiences are looking for. When creating your own video content, don’t get hung up on duration. If the video needs to be an hour long, make it an hour long. Long-form content in the era of social media is a very exciting thing.

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