How important are logos in branded videos?

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Is there an ideal amount of branding to include in a branded video? While it depends on a lot of things, there is a suggestion that everyone here at Nemorin leans towards.

For a lot of content, a single logo is enough. At the end of the film, maybe, or right at the beginning. The video could also be interspersed with product shots to clarify the brand messaging and the point of the content. We combined a logo and the product in our films for American Express.

A piece of branded content can’t have too little branding, but it can have too much. An abundance of branding can be enough to put off the audience, if they find it to be too ‘salesy’.

Above all, the content should come first. It should be compelling, and engage with audiences on an emotional level. In fact, when branding is incidental the audience will be more likely to recall the brand at a later date. A recent study found that:

  • Brand recall is 59% higher for branded content than display and native ads.
  • Consumers are 14% more likely to look for additional content from a company after a single impression of branded content. Source: Adweek

With such success over more outwardly targeted display advertising, it’s important to keep the story at the heart of everything you do. Logos have a place, but they don’t need to be hammered home for the content to be effective.

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