Covid-19: We’re open and it’s business as usual.

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Right now you’re highly likely to be distracted by the impact Covid-19 could have on your business, your family and friends. We hope you’re keeping safe and well.

It may sound crass to talk about ‘business as usual’ in such unusual times, but the show must go on for us all. In the face of a potential economic downturn, marketing budgets tend to come under immediate pressure. But it’s been proven that brands that continue to advertise when times are tough tend to come out the other side stronger.

Now could be the time to focus on making your advertising spend work harder. Here’s how we can help:

Audit your ad spend

We have developed an innovative advertising and marketing product called Nemorin+. N+ provides integrated strategic planning, production and distribution services for video using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, social listening, big data, behavioural psychology and performance marketing to ensure everything is measured, and optimised in real time. It works across all channels and is designed from the bottom up to increase the ROI from your investment in video. You can use Nemorin+ to audit your current ad spend in these uncertain times.

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Other ways we can help:

1: We’re open seven days a week. This is a rapidly changing situation, so we’re here to help whenever you need us.

2: Overflow services. We offer support services for existing video solutions. Whether it’s a complete project or just getting an edit over the line – don’t worry, we can help you.

3: Spread the cost. Cash flow can be hard in these times, so you can spread the cost of production over a few invoices.

4: Global services. Shooting overseas, but worried about flights? We have have an extended network of over 500 people globally. US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, India, China and Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

5: We’re full service and fast turnaround. Tight deadline? Talk to us. From animated explainers to long form documentaries, video is the perfect medium to communicate with your consumers in these uncertain times. We can even use personalised video to enable you to address your customers by name via a CRM integration – what better way to show you care about them as individuals?

Let’s make sure your ad spend is working as hard as it can, and your video is as effective as possible.

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Pete Fergusson, CEO & Founder, Nemorin Film & Video

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