Filming in safe and controlled environments

Even with a Covid-19 lockdown in place, we can still film.

Here’s how we can create high-quality video content without jeopardising anyone’s health.

Here at Nemorin we make the health and safety of our crews and clients a priority, without sacrificing the quality of the content we produce. We have implemented precautions in light of the coronavirus pandemic and government guidelines that allow us to continue to film with small crews in safe, controlled environments.

The UK government has confirmed that film and TV production can restart with social distancing in place. We will be following new guidance from the Advertising Producers Association on all our shoots. Some of the procedures include:

  • Travel is limited and avoids public transport.

  • People working on the shoot are kept 2 metres apart.

  • Crews are operating with as few people as possible. Most interviews can be recorded with a skeleton crew of just one or two people.

  • We will not be shooting crowd scenes or in public places.

  • Some of the studios in our network remain open, and we can film there with skeleton crews, or in clients’ homes or offices.

  • All crew members will wear personal protective equipment (such as masks) when appropriate, and hand gel will be provided to all cast and crew.

All productions undergo extensive risk assessments, and the social distancing of crews, clients and on-screen talent will be at the front and centre of those risk assessments for the immediate future.

We are reviewing government guidance on a daily basis and will update this page as and when things change. For the time being, rest assured that we are still committed to creating great video content for brands, agencies and publishers and will work in a way that ensures the health and safety of everyone involved.

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