Branded video content is the genre of advertising being embraced by publishers, agencies, brands AND audiences.

But how best to make it work?

Branded video. The rules:

  • Branded video has to be as good as editorial content, but work even harder.
  • You have a deal with your audience. Some branding in return for good content.
  • Too much or needless product placement and your audience will leave. It’s a balancing act.
  • Audiences are savvy, understand what branded video content is and are receptive to it.
  • They love smart, well made original video content with a strong emotional hook.

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Branded Video Content is here to stay:

  • 74% of advertisers and publishers agree that it is the future of advertising.
  • 43% of advertisers are currently purchasing branded video.
  • 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.
  • 63% of advertisers see branded video content as one of the biggest opportunities to
    drive revenues.
  • $118 billion annual spend on branded content globally.
  • Video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014.
  • Live video is expected to grow 15-fold, from 3% of internet video traffic to 13% by 2021.

Are these the ultimate branded videos?

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie = Half a billion USD in revenue. It’s an advert.

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos: Broadcast Live on TV news channels globally. It’s an advert.

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Branded video. Tip 1:

Don’t worry about the content being an ad, just make compelling content.

Audi / The Telegraph

  • Audience: They’re clear it’s an ad and therefore expect some brand messaging and product
    placement in return for engaging original video content.


  • Publisher: Commercial funding allows for high-end production values that editorial budgets may struggle to fund.


  • Agency and brand: Additional exposure and reach by creating a premium film with editorial insight and values.

Branded Video. Tip 2:

Always have a hook at the start of the film. Viewers need an incentive to watch.

Audi / The Telegraph

Let’s look at the same video again.


Note how this film kicks off with an intriguing sound bite and b-roll to capture audience attention.

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Branded Video. Tip 3:

Branding should aid the narrative and be authentically placed in the edit.

Mr.Porter / Nemorin / JLC

We love this film because it strikes the right balance between legitimate product shots and brand placement.

The journalist tone of voice and beautiful cinematography results in a film that works equally well for editorial and commercial agendas, as well as for the brand and audience.

Branded Video. Tip 4:

Great branded video increases reach and engagement.

BA / Comic Relief

Get the balance right between brand and content for better organic reach.

Here’s an ad for BA with Comic Relief, which received editorial consumer coverage all over the world. Ok, they had access to a-listers, but the principle is the same regardless.

Branded Video. Tip 5:

Don't forget B2B audiences are people too. Is there a gap in the market for good B2B branded video?


This is a lovely explainer for AudioBoom.

We took the key points of a powerpoint presentation and created this film as an alternative approach for AudioBoom to present their business to B2B audiences.

American Express

Shot using an ‘eye-line direct’ camera rig, this B2B profile film from Amex connects the interviewee to their audience and peers.

This camera technique helps generates empathy and sincerity and in turn, engagement.

Branded Video. Tip 6:

Don't get too hung up on duration

90 seconds and less

Short form video content works well for news video, overview videos, case studies and social media too. Generally if people are browsing rather than actively seeking your video content, keep it short and sweet.

90 seconds or longer

If audiences are actively seeking out your video content the duration can be far longer than content they’re just stumbling across.
Explainers, talks & round tables, presentations, documentaries as well as VOD services can justifiably carry feature film durations.

How to get started.

You don't need an in-house video team to get started
  • Who do you have in the existing team that is interested in video production and might enjoy the extra responsibility? Could be in sales, production or otherwise.


  • It’s really easy to get started. Basic training for the sales teams, a showreel / sizzle reel and rough rate card. Your video production team should support the sales process. Don’t worry about getting caught up in technical terminology.



  • Often clients want to make their own video content anyway. Get great quality video created potentially as part of another budget.


  • A good video team will be great at production, but also commercially minded, client facing and will contribute to sales by demonstrating the value of the proposed content.


  • Speak to the finance department and get them onside. Sometimes there are hefty upfront costs, petty cash, deposits, kit hire, as well as large invoices being raised or received.


  • If you have an in-house video team, it’s worth having a friendly back-up option for unusual or last minute projects. Last thing you want to do is turn down work because of a lack of resources.


  • You can enjoy the growth of branded video, without the ongoing overheads of kit, studios, software and staff
    by outsourcing production.


Branded Video is now a multi-billion dollar business and audiences love it. Getting started is easy. Do you need an in-house team? Not necessarily.

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