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Buzzfeed ramps up branded video content production in London

By 19th October 2016 April 24th, 2018 No Comments

buzzfeed-branded-videoWith the success of Buzzfeed Tasty, people are getting a sense of the kind of impact branded videos can have.

Buzzfeed has now announced huge investment in two production studios to create branded video content in the UK, based in London.

Buzzfeed’s Brant Maclean moved to Britain to head up this operation. “Our audience really engages with branded content,” he said. He’s not wrong. Branded videos can rack up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

Previously Buzzfeed’s video content has gone through NBC Universal. Frank Cooper, Buzzfeed’s chief marketing and creative officer, spoke to Campaign and said that:

“with the new studios and investment there is no reason that the company’s content offering will not move beyond the realms of social media and on to TV…Our content is social and mobile first but with our partnership with NBC Universal and our new UK studios, it’s a nod to a possible connection between social and linear TV starting to work together. That’s happening right now and we’re actively pursuing that.”

We’ve explored branded video content on television before. We teamed up with Wanderlust Magazine to produce a two-part travel documentary which was aired on ShowcaseTV earlier this year.

The results speak for themselves. If you’re producing good, engaging content, the audiences are there and receptive. The market is exploding right now – jump on it.

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