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Nemorin’s Branded Content Day 2018

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In partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association, The Drum Studios and The Video Suite

Celebrating the Movers, the Shakers and the Content Creators

Nemorin’s Branded Content Day in partnership with the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA), The Drum Studios and The Video Suite is a celebration of branded content awesomeness which takes place on Thursday 29th of November. Building on the success of last year’s event, Branded Content Day 2018 will recognise the impact branded content is having on popular culture and business, and champion the achievements of the individuals and agencies doing the best work.

The ethos of Nemorin’s Branded Content Day is inclusive and collective in spirit, motivated by a genuine desire to showcase and celebrate the UK community of innovators, creators and makers of all things branded content.

Branded Content Day founder Pete Fergusson said,

“The branded content genre is experiencing rapid growth and continues to have a massive impact on the way that brands reach and communicate with consumers. Nemorin’s Branded Content Day is a moment to stop and celebrate the branded video explosion. This year in addition to celebrating the content we also want to recognise the fire starters, by honouring the amazing content creators. We invite everyone from the industry to join in and celebrate the big bang.”

How are we celebrating?

  • Online at where the year’s best bits will be collated with fun video charts and topical articles
  • A panel discussion and industry network morning on the 29th of November
  • The Content Warrior Awards which recognise the craft and talent of individuals and agency newcomers

In addition to last year’s online charts and chatter this year BCD will open with a panel discussion and industry network morning where brands, agencies and publishers will come together. GOOD, BETTER, BEST: Paving the Way for Branded Video in 2019, will be moderated by Andrew Canter, Global CEO of The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA). Talking about Branded Content Day Andrew said,

“Branded Content Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the industry showcasing the best work and highlighting key trends. We are delighted to be working with our members, Nemorin Creative, who are leading protagonists in this important area of the marketing business.”

The expert panel which includes Rebecca Allen, Global Head of Branded Content at The Drum, Graham Hayday, Director of Content and Strategy at Nemorin Creative and Claire Bartolomeo, Vice President of Content at VICE, will ignite a discussion to capture best practice and pave the way for branded video in 2019. This is a free industry event, visit the website to attend.

Graham Hayday, Director of Content and Strategy at Nemorin Creative said,

“We’ve seen some brilliant branded content this year, and I can’t wait to celebrate the best work – and the best talent – out there. To cut through all the clutter, the industry needs to keep producing creatively innovative content that hits businesses’ brand, marketing and communications objectives. Video is the best way of doing that, and Branded Content Day exists to help clients, agencies and publishers keep pushing the boundaries into 2019 and beyond.” 

A pivotal part of Branded Content Day is to recognise the achievements and growth of the industry during 2018. Nemorin’s Branded Content Day in partnership with The BCMA and The Drum Studios will recognise and honour the talent of individuals and agency newcomers. The Agency Collective is sponsoring the Young Agency of the Year award which recognises the industry’s rising agency stars. Nominations are now open for the Branded Content Warriors and the industry is invited to nominate for three award categories:

  • The Agency Collective – Young Agency of the Year
  • Breakthrough talent
  • Creative Director of the Year

Nominations will be judged by our expert panel and the winning Branded Content Warriors will be announced on the morning of the panel event and network on the 29th of November.

Visit to find out more and nominate.


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