When silence speaks louder than words

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Films often require some sort of narration to carry the story forwards. It could be an interview with an expert, a voice over an explainer video, or just on-screen text to accompany the visuals.

But films without voice and text can work just as well. Some content just captures an atmosphere or an experience. A feeling that the brand wants to be associated with.

For using exclusively visuals to be successful the narrative needs to be very well considered for the message to be clear, but when this is achieved images can carry the audience through a video and help it reach and engage audiences across different languages and cultures. It also works when videos autoplay mute on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Take this film from Kona Bikes, for instance. No talking, no text, no voice explaining the merits of the brand. Just the story of a journey, and bespoke sound design that puts the audience right there in the action. It’s a bold approach but it works.

Northmen did something similar with their film, The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe. Although it would have been just as interesting to feature a narration or animated labels explaining the step by step process, the filmmakers are content to just let the imagery do the talking. It lets the audience sit back and relax, a refreshing change of pace from the fast and noisy content that usually graces our Facebook feeds.

Not all videos ask for it, but for some branded content, getting the message across can be as simple as leaving out voice and text.

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