How to use branded video in editorial

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One question people sometimes ask us when we talk about branded video is “What do I do with my video one I’ve made it?”

This is a great question. A while ago people might create video content, stick it on YouTube and leave it to gather dust. Nowadays, people realise that video is a viable and powerful content marketing tool.

This can be either on its own or as a supporting part of other content. Strategy and distribution should be as integral to creative development as the script and storyboard. Where will you show it? Is it for Facebook? Vine? YouTube? Will you host it on your own website? Send it out to trade press with some supporting written content?

Branded video content in editorial

One place branded video content excels is editorial. In the age of quickly consumed news and media many outlets vie for attention. It can be difficult to attract the attention of a viewer.

Inserting captions into a video means audiences can watch it easily, quickly, and without sound when it autoplays on the page. When creating videos for Facebook, it’s a good idea to design the frame with captions in mind. The results speak for themselves. Channel 4’s shift from photos and text to videos increased their Facebook engagement phenomenally.

It works for other sites too. Take this page from The Telegraph, for instance. The video is front and centre, right at the top, where all eyes will point. If readers are inclined, the minute-long piece breaks down the story in an interesting visual way and the written article continues underneath for readers wanting more information.

Captioned, embedded videos are relatively quick and straightforward to produce, and can be extremely engaging. They can break down complicated information into bitesize, easily digestible pieces.

Moz revealed that blog posts including video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. As a result, increased inbound links means increased traffic. Increased traffic means increased revenue.

The statistics speak for themselves, but the only real test is to start making original, captivating video content. Get them out there, see for yourself and try different formats for different audiences and platforms.

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