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Branded video content is the genre of advertising being embraced by publishers, agencies, brands AND audiences.

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Why is Branded Video Content so effective?

According to the quantitative study, “Storytelling: The Current State of Branded Content,” branded content’s impact is superior to display advertising in terms of recall, brand perception and intent/consideration.

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More: REC - Reach, Engage, Convert audiences
  • Branded Content Works: Branded content is highly effective and outperforms display ads.
  • Branded Content Holds Up Over Time: Despite the loss of novelty often seen with traditional ad products across time, branded content retains effectiveness.
  • Brand Interest Increases with Branded Content: Consumers are more likely to seek out further information about a brand after seeing branded content.
  • Branded Content Is Perceived Better: Consumers perceive branded content as being more consumer-centric because it is less about selling products and more about providing value to consumers.
  • Branded Video Content means you can think of your brand as an editorial publisher, driving Reach, Engagement and Conversion (REC).
  • Digital video advertising will grow faster than any other segment over the next five years. Revenue is forecast to rise to $23 billion in 2021.
  • Digital video advertising growth will exceed all other formats over the next five years. Credit: Business Insider.
  • How do you benefit from the huge growth without hiring huge production teams, building studios, buying kit and software?  Publishers, agencies and brands globally, partner with us to facilitate the demand for branded video production they’re seeing from their clients.
  • From conceiving and executing the creative, to distribution, we plug into your team and take care of everything.
  • We also support existing in-house video teams, and have been one ourselves for one of the world’s leading publishers.

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Video increases conversion rates by 80% - Hubspot
100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook – TechCrunch
Internet users searching for product videos before visiting a store – Google
Marketing professionals worldwide naming video with the best ROI – Adobe
43% of people want to see more video content from marketers – HubSpot

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Credit: Forbes / IPG Media Lab

Revenue and more:

  • T Brand Studio (New York Times) said revenue increased from $14 million to $35 million in 2015, and it now represents 18% of the company’s total digital advertising revenue –
  • BuzzFeed expects branded content and agency services to drive nearly all of its $250 million in revenue (2016) –
  • Vice Media anticipates the lion’s share of its projected 2016 revenue of $750 million to $850 million will come from ‘sponsored material’ and ‘agency work’ –
  • Branded Content is a multi-billion dollar advertising sector.
  • Big impact with relatively low investment.
  • A must for every brand, big and small.
  • Brands, publishers and agencies generate revenue through branded video content production.
  • Massive growth sector.
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