What does LinkedIn’s native video sharing mean for brands?

By 3rd August 2017News

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are all way ahead of the curve, but LinkedIn’s new native video feature means all major social media now cater for growing video demand.

Users can now upload videos to LinkedIn via the mobile app, and videos will play automatically muted in the news feed. The function caters for both vertical and horizontal videos up to 10 minutes in length.

This is important for a couple reasons. First, it demonstrates how important video is to users that all social media platforms are now incorporating it. But this isn’t something we didn’t already know.

Perhaps more importantly, the option to use both vertical and horizontal video as well only being able to upload directly from the mobile app demonstrates how seriously people are taking mobile video.

Will brands be able to utilise this? Well traditionally, LinkedIn hasn’t been the focus of advertising and branded content as much as Facebook and Instagram. The emphasis on mobile video suggests LinkedIn is targeting user-generated content rather than supporting brands. But that doesn’t mean brands cannot use it.

There’s a window of opportunity on LinkedIn right now to capitalise on the lack of video content. If LinkedIn is mainly used by recruiters and business professionals then what’s to stop brands creating content targeting those people? Video content can be just as effective in the B2B environment as B2C.

As LinkedIn audiences are more likely to have extended dwell times for posts and blogs via LinkedIn Pulse, this poses some exciting opportunities for businesses and brands creating bespoke longer form video content such as tutorials, live streams and presentations. Even short B2B documentaries. Just remember that LinkedIn isn’t a brand’s website, Facebook or YouTube page so the approach should be different and unique to this particular platform.

Here at Nemorin Creative Film & Video we regularly champion video content designed for mobile. If it’s where audiences are, it’s where brands can be. Reversioning content as a vertical video – with text to cater for autoplaying mute – is a way to maximise investment in video content.

Will we see more branded video content shared natively on LinkedIn? Maybe. But the point is the capability is there for one reason: the audiences are waiting.

Inspired? Check out some examples of vertical videos for mobile below, or get in touch to start a project today.

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