Overcoming the challenges of branded video content

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Video content

“Good content is good content, people don’t care if a brand is involved.”

Videos are everywhere these days. On billboards, on your social media feeds, on your mobile phones.

Here at Nemorin Creative Film & Video we love creating branded video content. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its challenges.

The mechanics of production are one thing – challenges that we solve every day – but there’s also plenty to consider in terms of overall strategy.

Identifying and reaching audiences, measuring success, and ensuring return on investment are all important conversations we have with our clients and among ourselves.

Pete sat down with the team at Native Advertising Institute to chat more about overcoming the challenges of branded video content.

You can read the full interview with Pete over at Native Advertising Institute’s website.

Watch this space as we head to Native Advertising DAYS in Berlin, where we’ve been shortlisted for a Native Advertising Award 2017.

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